About Us

Dolphin is an car and bike rental service in Calangute Goa that provides a hassle free avenue for the customers who wish to rent cars/bikes for any and all travel needs. Dominic Lobo entrepreneur of dolphin car and bike rentals. The customers can book any of the available vehicles by calling without having to deal or negotiate with travel agencies or operators. Our customers can find the best car/bike rental deals at Dolphin that are backed by our promise of on-time service, quality cars/bike and premium round-the-clock support.

Our goal is to empower our customers by providing ease of booking, transparent (best) prices, and round the clock support. As a customer, you simply call or enter the contact us form on the website and we provide you with the list of all available vehicles and prices for you to pick and choose from.

You as a customer of Dolphin, can make an informed decision regarding the vehicle you choose and also rely on us to provide back-ups in case of an emergency.